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  • The Buick Centurion XP-301

    The Buick Centurion XP-301

    After creating the LeSabre XP-8 in 1951, Harley Earl continued to look for that innovative design that would storm America and make its way into full production. With a few models in between, his next […]

  • The Best Cars from the 90s

    The Best Cars from the 90s

    It is hard to find a starting point. There was quite a bit of money flowing in the 90s, so automakers were thinking of ways to part people from it. Lighter, faster cars were openly […]

  • GM/Buick Le Sabre XP-8

    GM/Buick Le Sabre XP-8

    To avoid sinking into obscurity after WWII, General Motors needed a head-turning, eye-popping new design. It took until 1951 before they developed the right concept to fit the bill. Designed chiefly by GM’s style guru […]

  • The Chrysler Streamline X ”Gilda”

    The Chrysler Streamline X ”Gilda”

    With arrival of the jet plane came many jet inspired automobile designs. Chrysler exec Virgil Exner, Sr was bitten by the jet fever, as were many execs across the industry. After Exner created a small […]

  • Do F1 Cars Have a Clutch Pedal?

    Do F1 Cars Have a Clutch Pedal?

    Many consider F1 to be the pinnacle of motorsports. The sport has evolved, making use of engineering innovations light-years ahead of NASCAR and the mainstream automotive industry. One of those innovations was the elimination of […]

  • The Chrysler Thunderbolt

    The Chrysler Thunderbolt

    Rushed into production for the 1940 New York Auto Show, the Chrysler Thunderbolt was proclaimed ”The Car of the Future” by the automaker. The Thunderbolt was built with the intention to educate the general public […]

  • The Stout Scarab

    The Stout Scarab

    William Bushnell Stout began his career in the early years of the automotive industry. By 1914 he was the chief engineer of the Scripps-Booth Automotive Company. Later that year he moved to Packard Motors, heading […]

  • The Norman Timbs Special (1947/1948)

    The Norman Timbs Special (1947/1948)

    Norman Timbs sought to create a unique car for his personal use. In 1947, that desire and vision  coalesced as the Special. Far from a backyard tinkerer, Timbs was a mechanical engineer by trade and […]


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