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  • Airbags the “New Car Stereo?”

    Airbags the “New Car Stereo?”

    Airbag theft is on the rise, apparently so much so that law enforcement agencies are dubbing airbags the “new car stereo.” After all, it used to be that people broke into your car to steal […]

  • Is the Fiat 500 a Good Car?

    Is the Fiat 500 a Good Car?

    Fiat was founded in Italy in 1899. During the 114 years since, the company has manufactured automobiles, train engines, military vehicles, and aircraft. Fiat sold many models in North America, but, despite its global appeal, […]

  • What is the Car in the Movie Don Jon?

    What is the Car in the Movie Don Jon?

    The car driven by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the movie Don Jon is a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Gordon-Levitt’s character has a mantra that goes ”my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my […]

  • The Top Selling Cars of All Time

    The Corolla -- the Best-Selling Car of All-Time!

    Though popularity does not necessarily equate quality (just look at the Beatles, they sold tons of records containing little more than teen pabulum), there is no denying that carmakers need to move units. So, there […]

  • Is the Kia Rio a Good Car?

    Is the Kia Rio a Good Car?

    When the Kio Rio was first introduced to North America it was a frightful contraption that incited nightmares among those who had the means to avoid purchasing it. Fortunately, the Korean automaker realized it had […]