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Fastest Ferrari of All Time

Ferrari has announced to the world that the replacement to its Enzo supercar, the LaFerrari (is the “the” redundant?), will be its fastest road car of all time. Morever, the LaFerrari is to be the Italian carmaker’s first hybrid.  We told you hybrid supercars were the future!

For some time, rumors abounded that the new flagship vehicle would be named either the F70 or the F150. Regardless of its name, the LaFerrari will be one powerful beast bursting with 663 lb-ft of torque. In addition to its V-12, the car sports a couple of Magneti Marelli electric motors to help power the car and its all-carbon chassis. The LaFerrari’s batteries are regenerated by braking and when the gas-powered engine produces additional torque.

Ferrari is saying that its new car will go from zero to 60 in fewer than three seconds and to 124 mph in fewer than seven. The LaFerrari has completed a lap at the Fiorano test track in 80 seconds, a full five seconds faster than the Enzo’s time.

The Italian carmaker has said that it has received more than 700 written requests for the car of which only 499 will be made.


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