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Edison2, a name you might know as the winner of the 2010 Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize ($5 million), will be unveiling their newest VLC (Very Light Car) prototype at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, on April 11th.  Judging by the performance of past prototypes, expectations are riding high.

2010 X Prize VLC:

  • Powerplant:  250cc ICE
  • Weight:  830 pounds
  • Drag Coefficient:  0.16
  • Fuel Efficiency:  110 MPGe (combined), 129 MPGe (highway)

2011 All-Electric VLC

  • Fuel Efficiency:  350MPGe (combined)

The new prototype has been designed to take fit-and-finish, safety, and handling to production car standards.  Here’s what Edison2’s CEO, Oliver Kuttner, had to say:

“The auto industry has been refining the same architecture for more than 50 years, and Edison2 has  created a new path – a new way of building a car that has many environmental and economic benefits. Much of this relies on Edison2’s in-wheel suspension which can be seen on the VLC prototype we will be displaying.”

Stay tuned for updates after the new prototype is unveiled!


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