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Toyota Corolla S


Watch out hybrids for two things wicked your way comes. On the bottom end, hybrids are increasingly threatened by gas-driven cars that just keep on growing more and more fuel efficient; while from the top, the anything-but-humble hybrid is being pressed by purely-electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S.

An honest-eyed car buyer of today can be excused for wondering whether or not there is a need for a hybrid anymore. After all, many gas-fed models rate 40 plus miles per gallon on the highway, which equals and in some cases betters the mpg ratings for a good number of costlier hybrids. Then, there is no denying that electric car technology continues to improve at a shockingly rapid pace. This improvement has led to the Tesla Model S, which gets about 300 miles on a single charge and has acceleration and top speeds that can make many a hybrid or traditional car weep, zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds and top speed of 130 mph.  And if that sounds, impressive, the new Detroit Electric SP:01 tops 155 mph and hits 6o mph in 3.7 seconds!

Editors Note:  I have to say I wondered the same thing not too long ago, when I put close to 1000 miles on a Toyota Corolla rental car, achieving right around 40 mpg.  Mostly interstate miles, but still.  That said, automakers keep channeling money into hybrid halo cars, such as Ferrari’s new hybrid.

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