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Porsche Hybrids

Porsche has announced their intentions to add plug-in hybrid versions of their entire line-up of vehicles, ranging from the Cayenne up to the 911.

The German performance automaker announced they would use technology based on the 2014 Panorama S E-Hybrid, which was announced at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

The Panorama S E-Hybrid will go on sale in Europe in July, then later this year in US, for just under $100,000. Porsche has announced that the next plug-in hybrid will be the limited run 918 Spyder, and then the Cayenne after that.

Its also believed that the German car manufacturer may move similar technologies to its British models, like the ultra-luxury Bentley for plug-in hybrids.

Next generation hybrid technology will include futuristic features such as air-cooled electric engines, more energy-dense packs (which should allow for lighter vehicles), and a wireless charging system, allowing for charging via a floor-based mat, instead of plug-in wires connected to a power outlet.

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