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Is Toyota Yaris a Good Car?

With all the on-board technology, dramatic increases in gas mileage, and the dropping sticker prices for today’s cars, it can be harder than ever to determine whether or not you are getting a good deal for your money. Getting the most out of a major car purchase requires looking beyond the key selling points that litter the ads for the latest make and model of any car hitting the road. It is important to consider the whole package. Everything from the comfort level down to the handling goes into what creates a truly good deal in the world of automotive engineering. With these elements in mind, we can consider the ins and outs of this question: is a Toyota Yaris a good car?

Great Reliability, Interior Room

According to the reviews and ratings of the professionals, the Yaris excels in some areas while falling somewhat short in others. Its strength certainly lies in its reliability. It is achieves very high scores in this arena, adding to Toyota’s already strong reputation for going the distance. There is also plenty of room on the interior. However, the overall comfort of the driving experience has some drivers turning to competitors for various reasons.

Good Performance, Decent Fuel Economy

The five-speed, manual transmission engine works in conjunction with four cylinders, giving the Yaris an adequate amount of power for a vehicle in its class. However, for a car of its size, the estimated MPG is nothing extraordinary. It is rated at 30/36 mpg. The Yaris does give a good performance when it is being used for driving through the city, but traveling at higher speeds does have the potential to present some problems. The steering is accurate but short of being anything that you might consider to be nimble, and the brakes seem to be at their best capacity when considering the high safety ratings of the Yaris.

Features and Driving Experience

On the interior, drivers do experience modern design, although, the materials used in construction are where you are left lacking. Hard plastics and dull color schemes can leave people feeling a bit bored with the total sense of styling. While the Yaris does not offer the navigation controls and infotainment system that is common to most new cars, it does offer an impressive number of features, including Bluetooth and multiple USB ports. In answering the question of whether or not the Yaris is a good car, buyers can find their answer based on their normal driving habits. Consistently driving long distances or riding with a family may not make the Yaris your best choice. However, if you are mostly driving in the city from home to work, then the Yaris should certainly stay in the race.


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