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The development of technologically advanced functions in vehicles has continuously increased the “intelligence” of many new models that are released each year. This has led automakers to consider the idea of autonomous vehicles that rely minimally on the driver and almost completely upon the vehicle and its operating system.

On August 27, 2013, the CEO of Nissan said that the company was no longer just considering the idea, but that they would be implementing it into a future model by the year 2020. In addition to narrowing down a model year, the company also assured that the price would be affordable. Although the idea of a self-driving car seems like an exciting novelty, it is also purported to be a revolution in reducing the number of traffic accidents and fatalities, since most are caused by human error. The company hopes to begin testing on a specially designed track as early as next year.

Many other companies will be keeping a close eye on Nissan, such as Google, which has already considered looking into developing their own autonomous vehicle. It is safe to say the next step in a vehicular revolution may not be as far away as previously thought.

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