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Nissan recently stated that they intend to have self-driving cars by the year 2020. Theoretically, the cars are supposed to cut down on damage and death caused by automobile accidents by $160 billion and 40,000 deaths every year. Although many experts still feel there are many questions about the logistics of a self-driving car and how it would work, Nissan plans to have built a test track in Japan to work on the development and testing of these cars by 2014, and to have the autonomous cars on the market at a “realistic price” by 2020.

This timeline is much faster than most experts expected, but there are also other companies who are looking to the future in the automobile industry with the idea of a car that drives itself. Co-founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, said that his company was working on an “autopilot” feature for their vehicles in the future, but didn’t have as optimistic of a date for the release compared to Nissan.

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