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Just two weeks into the professional football season, the time has come for you to realize that your car is sorely lacking in the tailgating department. The time has also arrived for you to find yourself a tailgating master of a ride.

This article will show which cars and trucks you need to consider in your hunt for the perfect tailgating steed. They are:

The Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is the perfect tailgating car for fans of teams such as the 49ers. With its roomy interior and spacious trunk you will have enough room to keep your white wine away from your brie (it’s terrible when the scents of these delicate items mix).

Fans of the Lions ought to go for the American made Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. It has enough room for an entire family and is luxurious enough to make you forget that you live in Detroit.

With its sides covered by wood paneling and a cargo rack on its roof, the International R-140 Station Wagon is the tailgating beast for real football fans, you know, the kind that paint their nude upper bodies even in single digit temperatures.

The Honda Odyessey is the most practical ride on the list since it comes with a built-in vacuum. However, it does lose points for being a minivan. Yeah, a minivan.

The Ram 2500HD Power Wagon is the tailgating vehicle for those who like to follow trends, those who jump on and off band wagons. If the Redskins were your favorite team last year, while the Chiefs are this year, the fast-selling Ram 2500HD Power Wagon is the tailgating vehicle for you. You should also probably see someone to discuss your Indian fetish.


About the author: Andrew Greene


Now playing the role of grumpy old man in the foothills of Northern California’s Gold Country, Andrew has had a life-long love affair with vehicles of all sorts, from the bicycle he pedaled across the continent in 1991 to the armored personnel carriers he drove in the Army to the bamboo rafts, elephants, motorcycle taxis, ferries and buses he traveled by during the 13 years he lived and worked in South East Asia. Always eager to learn more about how the people of the world get from here to there in their day-today lives, he, a professional journalist, has been covering the vehicle industry for years.


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