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SEMA 2013 was a show that only some very lucky industry insiders got a first hand view of, but now that the footage of the show is coming out, I have some clear favorites — and they aren’t my traditional selection, but isn’t that the true spirit of SEMA? Here’s the twelve vehicles that brought the show full circle in 2013.

Awesome Vintage Chevy Truck

This awesome fully restored 1957 Chevrolet Cameo held its own amongst some of the heaviest modified cars in the world.

Ladies Modeling with Lambo

From old school domestic truck to exotic supercar, this Lamborghini Forgiato was the star of the show.

Classic Dodge Charger

Although stealing the show from this Dodge Charger was no easy task.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a truck of that size sitting so low to the ground. This slammed F-350 probably doesn’t have much utility sitting this low, but it’s SEMA, so no one asks questions…

F-350 Truck with Lift

From the very low to the sky high, this skyscraper behemoth of a truck demonstrates why the Ford F-Series trucks were the clear favorite truck of the show this year.


This gorgeous Nissan Skyline GT-R had subtle changes that made it look so modern, it almost looks like a new production car, almost — but then again, this model really was before its time, even in stock form.

Golf Cart Mustang

Did you have to look twice at this…creation, to see that it was a golf cart? Me too. This Mustang reminiscent golf cart has a top speed of almost 20 mpg, can be yours for around $14k-$19k, has tilt steering, four speaker Alpine stereo, and chrome wheels – fore!

Hyundai Veloster EGR Night Racer
This specially designed Hyundai was taken over by the tuning studio, EGR Group, and got a very aggressive body kit and color unique to the concept.

Very few words could describe this super green Chrysler 300, other than “wild”!

Ford Focus ST Costworth’s take on the Ford Focus ST includes some major styling changes and modifications that got the power output up to around 330 horsepower.

Nissan Frontier Starting with a vintage American made truck and ending with this Nissan Frontier concept…Aeroklas used this truck to showcase their truck bed covers, and it looked ready to handle a lot more than cargo…
The SEMA shows are unique and eclectic; they feature something for everyone. It’s impossible for an auto enthusiast to not get inspired and excited about the possibilities out there when it comes to automotive innovation and design, whether that innovation and design came from the factory, or an aftermarket company.




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Elizabeth Puckett is an automotive enthusiast with a special interest in racing and performance. She is also a professionally trained writer and reporter who always has one eye on the industry and the latest trends.


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