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2013 VW Jetta HybridEach model year, hybrids improve. In fact, hybrid technology has advanced so much that Ferrari is creating a new hybrid supercar while Porsche has already released a 918 hybrid supercar. Now, while Volkswagen isn’t known for manufacturing supercars, they are known for making reliable, sporty, functional and fun cars, and this is no different for their hybrid cars.

VW says that the 2013 VQ Jetta Hybrid is a vehicle that looks, acts and feels like a sport car. A real sports car, the kind your crazy old aunt used to drive. On the outside, it pretty much looks just like any other gas-sucking Jetta. Inside, it is spacious, de-cluttered and with a cabin so soft and supple that it reminds one of sleeping with the pre-Tommy-Lee Pamela Anderson on a bed made of baby seals eating Smurfs hugging marshmallows.

In E-mode, the car rates a very quiet 44 miles per hour. However, when fuel efficiency is not at the forefront of a driver’s mind, the hybrid Jetta’s 150-horsepower, 1.4L turbocharged engine gets the thing to 60 from zero in 8.6 seconds.

The 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid starts at $24,995.


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