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At the 2013 LA Auto Show, GM revealed their 2015 Chevy Colorado. This new midsize truck offering is directly aimed at Toyota Tacoma buyers and full-size truck buyers looking to downsize. Has GM done enough to attract those markets? Yep.

The Z71 trim level sure looks sporty and should grab buyers attention.

GM took the styling of the all-new Chevy Silverado and then threw in some character to create the 2015 Chevy Colorado. The truck certainly looks sportier and more rugged than previous GM midsize trucks. Overall, the styling is more aerodynamic and mirrors more of what the competition is doing. As for size, the new truck is almost 6 inches narrower, 18 inches shorter, 3 inches lower and almost 1,000 lbs lighter than its larger brother. It really does fit into GM’s marketing plan of having three different sizes of trucks – small, medium and large.

This is the "baby" Duramax engine offering from GM and should create quite a buzz in the midsize truck market.

While the new styling is exciting, the big news is in the powertrain offerings – a diesel engine. For years, consumers have clamored for diesel engines and it seems finally that truck makers are giving them this option. The 2.8L, 4-cyl “baby” Duramax diesel engine is based on an overseas design and should get 200 hp and 368 lb-ft of torque. If the EcoDiesel Ram 1500 is a good example of what to expect, this new diesel should have a price up charge of a few thousand dollars in exchange for great low-end torque and vastly improved MPGs. GM will also offer a base 2.5L 4-cyl engine rated at 193 HP with 184 lb-ft of torque and a 3.6L V-6 with 302 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque.

The truck will come in three trim levels (WT, LT, Z71) and two cab configurations – extended and crew cab (notice, no regular cab). ┬áIt will also offer either a 5-foot or 6-foot bed.

The interior shares some similarities with the larger Chevy Silverado and looks to be laid out quite well.

Sitting in the truck, it appears many of the same styling that is used in the Silverado is used in the midsize truck. The truck comes with many of GM’s safety features and include an 8-inch navigation screen with GM’s MyLink infotainment system. On extended cab setups, the rear seats will be kids-sized with the option of folding them down flat. There will also be an ordering option to eliminate the seats for more room. Chevy will also use the triple seal technique from the Silverado to create a really quiet cabin.

For pricing, the Colorado will probably start at under $20k in order to create a sufficient price gap between it and the full-size models. Expectations are that it will hit the mid 20s in fuel economy.

The news of a new midsize truck is certainly exciting for customers looking for another choice in the segment, yet it faces tough competition in the Toyota Tacoma. Can GM recapture the market share it has lost in the segment? That remains to be seen, but by the pictures, it is off to a good start.


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