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Corvettes are Great Collectible

A collectible car is something that’s somewhat subjective. Most collectible cars are classics or modern classics and they’re always worth big money. These models usually come with some sort of nostalgia factor, and they’re usually very popular (in the emotional sense, not in the commonalty sense).

It seems like there’s several interpretations out there about what a classic car is exactly, but a collectible definitely has that “it” factor that many don’t really recognize when they’re brand new.

I’m Calling It…

Here’s the Best Kinds to Invest in for Future Collectibles:

Anything Exotic – I know that’s broad, but if it’s an exotic now, it’ll be a collectible in the future.

Corvettes – Go to any show that will allow them, and you’ll see mint condition Corvettes with crowds of people fawning over them. If you have one, hang onto it and keep it in great condition, you’ll thank yourself when you decide to sell it.

Special Edition Anything – If it commemorates a special production milestone, is designed by a celebrity, etc., it could worth a lot more in three decades than it is today. Take the modern COPO Camaros for example, the production #1 ones pull in hundreds of thousands at auctions already, imagine what the next owner will pay for them?

Camaro COPO

Models in Limited Production – Limited production vehicles have the “exclusivity” factor that make people frantic when it comes to snatching them up.

Cars That Are Long Discontinued and Aren’t Coming Back – This is especially true for sports cars, muscle cars, and so on — since they’re gone and not coming back, people know if they ever want one, they’ll have to collect one that’s already in existence. Take the Chevelle SS for example, this is one of the most popular classics ever — it was discontinued in the 70s and no one thinks it’s coming back for a round two so people grab them up fast when they’re available for sale.

Any Vehicle with a History – Was your car once driven by the president to prom? Did it star in a popular movie? Hang on to it, that history will be worth something in a few years.

Models with Novelty– Although the DeLorean could technically fall under multiple categories, it has to be one of the most novel cars of all time. Any movie car, oddity car, and something with a novelty effect could be worth a lot at auctions when they become super rare.

What Investment to Avoid

While there’s still many reason to love these kinds of cars, here’s the one I say avoid if you are trying to invest in a future collectible. Even though many “cool” cars could fall under the list, they’re not excluded from it unless there’s something “special” about them (owned by someone significant, used in a movie, etc.).

  • Econo Cars (Sorry Camry Owners)
  • Vehicles with Mass Production Over Many Years
  • Cars with a Larger Aftermarket – I should probably explain this one — something that makes a car so enticing to collectors is its rarity. If there’s a lot of different ways people can keep a particular year model on the road, it won’t ever be rare.

All in all, you can probably pretty easily make an educated guess about which cars will replace today’s show stoppers at events that attract collectors, but it’s anyone’s guess.


About the author: ElizabethE


Elizabeth Puckett is an automotive enthusiast with a special interest in racing and performance. She is also a professionally trained writer and reporter who always has one eye on the industry and the latest trends.


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