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When you think of a show car, Honda models don’t exactly come to mind…unless you’re a Honda enthusiast. The expansion of models at general car shows and a change in attitude has lead to greater acceptance of less traditional models at car shows — expect to see more econo class show cars at more than just model specific events. However, even though the models are changing, the  markers of a good show car remain the same — don’t expect that to ever change. So, what exactly is a show worthy Honda?

Honda at Car Show

Regardless of who made it, a show car must be clean, that’s a non-negotiable. That means the outside should be pristine…

Clean Honda Interior

…the interior should be well cared for…

Honda Engine Bay

…and nothing (dirt, debris, messy wiring) should draw attention from the powertrain in the engine bay.

Show Car Hondas

Beyond being a very clean car, a show Honda can be classified in many different ways.

Honda Engine Bay Customized

Many Honda enthusiasts appreciate highly custom builds.

Vinyl Wrap Hondas

A great example of the customizations you might see on show Hondas is this vehicle with vinyl wrapping, ground effects pieces, and aftermarket wheels.

Hood with Marilyn Monroe

This custom hood/ode to Marilyn Monroe is another example of the highly custom appearance modifications that catch attention at car shows.

Under the Hood

Other show cars are modified for speed and display those types of customizations proudly.

Honda with Custom Hood

Then there’s the show cars with more subtle appearance customizations, such as this Honda with a very stunning carbon fiber hood.

S200 Show Car

This S2000 with custom wheels and engine bay covers catches eyes without an elaborate overhaul.

Honda at Honda Day 2013

Another great marker of a show car of any make is a model that has a large following.

Honda with Red Wheels

One that’s a hit amongst drivers and enthusiasts in any form.


Cars that represent the best of the brand…

A Few Hondas

…and even those which represent the most popular generations of cars amongst the enthusiasts.

In other’s definitions, a show car is a dream car or something made specifically for public display, but many people believe a show car is simply something that turns heads for any number of reasons, and Honda show cars are no different.


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Elizabeth Puckett is an automotive enthusiast with a special interest in racing and performance. She is also a professionally trained writer and reporter who always has one eye on the industry and the latest trends.


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