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This article gives us startling new information on the dangers of sneezing and driving. According to a study done by researchers at Halfords Autocentres, there seems to be an abundant amount of convincing data that shows driving while suffering from a cold can and does often cause auto accidents. The researchers have concluded that the interruption of attention behind the wheel caused by a violent sneeze is enough to severely impair drivers. The article points out that motorway police are advising drivers who are suffering from severe cold symptoms to avoid driving. According to researchers who’ve studied this phenomenon, drivers who operate a car on a fast moving motorway can briefly lose sight of the road and other vehicles while experiencing a sneeze. The lapse in attention and visual reference is long enough to cause a driver to travel 50 feet with their eyes closed during a sneeze. The resulting crashes can often cause serious injuries or death. Motorway police are encouraging people who must drive when they are ill to allow additional car lengths in front of them to compensate for delays in braking and stopping.


Read the full article here:–experts-say-stay-roads.html


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