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Ford C-Max Energi

The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi is here to take the evolution of the Ford C-Max Hybrid one step further, to the plug-in stage. And, the good news for car buyers is that the traits that made the Ford C-Max Hybrid such a liked and respected vehicle are likewise found in the plug-in Energi.

Though Ford has engineered the C-Max Hybrid and the Energi to do battle with the popular Prius, reviewers are saying that it is not all that fair to compare the two cars since the Ford model is an entirely different class of ride. The Energi is more luxurious and comfortable than is the Prius. It’s roomier, more stylish and has a higher tech dashboard. Its sole shortcoming is in its trunk, where it must be admitted, that baby ain’t got no back. Well, it has got some back, enough for a few bags of groceries.

However, it is not the style and the dashboard that most hybrid and plug in buyers are after, it is the mileage, another area where the C-Max Energi outshines the Toyota. While the Prius plug-in has a single-electrical-charge range of from six to 100 miles, the Energi gets 21, while rating a 108 gas-equivalent miles-per-gallon in the city. Depending upon how you drive, you could very well get 620 miles out of a single tank of gas.

The drive quality of the Energi is similar to any other similarly-sized hybrid, slow and lazy. However, reviewers are saying that it gives a quiet and fun ride when it is purely running on electrical power.

[Image Credit:  Ford]


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