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Thor Movie Truck (Pinzgauer)

The truck in the movie Thor is a Pinzgauer High-Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle. The Pinzgauer family of highly mobile military vehicles produced in England.

History of Pinzgauer Vehicles

The Pinzgauer group of vehicles are all-terrain 4WD (4×4) or 6WD (6×6) military utility vehicles. The original vehicle was developed in the late 1960s by Steyr-Daimler-Puch and entered the production phase in 1971. The vehicles quickly became popular with many European military buyers. In 2000, the British defense group Automotive Technik Ltd. After changing hands several times, the company was eventually bought by BAE Systems, PLC. The Pinzgauer proved to be too vulnerable to land mines and
improvised explosive devices during duty in Afghanistan and production was discontinued in 2010. The vehicle is still popular because of its off-road capabilities, which include:

  • 45-degree approach and departure angle
  • 100% slope, or until tires lose traction
  • 27.6 in fording depth
  • Can climb down a14.2 in wall
  • 43.5-degree side-slope
  • 2200/3300 lbs of payload (4×4/6×6)
  • 13.2 in of clearance when fully loaded
  • top speed of (4×4): 68 mph; (6×6): 62 mph
  • Max passengers: 10 people (4×4), 14 people (6×6)

The Trucks in the Thor Movie

A Pinzgauer was used in many of the Earth-based scenes in Thor. Four trucks were built to be used during the movie. Each of the four were built by Expedition Imports in Vallejo, California. Originally they were model 710K hard-sided radio trucks. The main modification to the trucks was to the bumper to make them look like the later 716K diesel. Obviously, equipment was added to make the vehicles look like storm-chasers, but these additions would not be considered mods in the technical sense.

Can You Buy One in the States?

Pinzgauer-TruckPinzgauers are widely available for purchase in every market around the world. In Europe, Africa, and Australia they can be purchased, licensed, and driven without emissions issues. In North America, the U.S. more especially, only the first generation is affordable. There are very few import issues with the first gen Pinz. On the other hand, the second generation requires several expensive upgrades that push the total price of ownership well above $100,000. Even at 100K, a true enthusiast can rationalize the cost when they understand they are getting a vehicle that outperforms the HUMVEE and  every military vehicle that Mercedes has ever built.


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  1. “Even at 100K, a true enthusiast can rationalize the cost when they understand they are getting a vehicle that outperforms the HUMVEE and every military vehicle that Mercedes has ever built”

    …dream on. Unimogs hands down far superior offroad and driver comfort to the Pinz. Even the Volvo C303 puts a Pinz to shame. I recommend driving the vehicles before judging their offroad capability.


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