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BMW 135i Convertible

Sexy and Safe...Not Always Mutually Exclusive!

If there’s one thing that a gentleman’s club has taught me is that sexy does not equate to safety. This is even true with vehicles.

When it comes to cars, safe rides are those known for their braking prowess and durable bodies, not for their sleek lines and soft tops. However, there are some cars that have been rated the almost mythical double S rating. These are:

  • The BMW 135i is remarkable for being a sexy convertible that is also safe. This $44,100 car is able to, according to Consumer Reports, execute avoidance maneuvers at the ripe old speed of 58.5 mph. This is the fastest that any car that CR tested was able to perform at.
  • Did you that Porsche’s are both safe and sexy? Well, now you do. The $50,400 Porsche Boxster can dry brake at 60 miles per hour and avoid crashes at an even 58 miles per hour.
  • Another German creation, the Mercedes-Benz SLK250 Roadster, rates an SS. This $43,525 roadster dry brakes at 60 mph in 115 feet.
  • Finally, an American joins the auto-Oktoberfest. The $71,070 Tesla Model S is as sexy as they come and quite safe, recent fires notwithstanding, according to Consumer Reports. The publication gave it a 99 out of 100 score on its demanding safety test. The Tesla Model S also scored a perfect five out of five on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s safety test.

About the author: Andrew Greene


Now playing the role of grumpy old man in the foothills of Northern California’s Gold Country, Andrew has had a life-long love affair with vehicles of all sorts, from the bicycle he pedaled across the continent in 1991 to the armored personnel carriers he drove in the Army to the bamboo rafts, elephants, motorcycle taxis, ferries and buses he traveled by during the 13 years he lived and worked in South East Asia. Always eager to learn more about how the people of the world get from here to there in their day-today lives, he, a professional journalist, has been covering the vehicle industry for years.


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