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Trucks That Seat 6

The Nissan Titan -- Perhaps The Best 6-Seat Truck

To start this piece off, we will need to define ”truck’.’ To many of us in the North American market, a truck is a pickup; however, some throw in any type of SUV as well. Being of the pickup mindset, this post will focus on pickups that will seat six passengers and save the SUV category for another time. Additionally, we will not waste the time to mention in each paragraph that you need to look for a CrewCab, SuperCab, DoubleCab, etc in order to find a truck that will accommodate the most passengers.

Ford F-150 – 6 Seats?

The F-150 has been America’s best selling truck for the majority of its existence. The new EcoBoost engines offered by Ford have improved fuel economy without impacting performance by most accounts. The F-150 has best in class torque and fuel economy, but it is a stretch to say that it will seat six on a daily basis.

Nissan Titan – 6 Seats?

Nissan is arguably the last automaker you would think of when buying a truck, but the Titan is well known for having that largest cab area of any truck on the market. While rated for six passengers, the Titan can seat seven if you are in a pinch.

Toyota Tundra – 6 Seats?

Toyota is well known among owners of small pickups and it has been consistently cementing its reputation with great performance and reliability from its full-sized Tundra as well. The Tundra does stretch its claims for interior room a bit. Six passengers may fit in the cab, but it is better suited for four-five.

Chevrolet Silverado – 6 Seats?

The Chevy bowtie invokes a great deal of loyalty among truck owners. The Silverado is a very dependable truck in every metric used; however, you are straining the interiors confines when you put six passengers in it. At least two of them will need to be small children if you intend to be comfortable. Since the GMC Sierra 1500 is virtually the same truck, ditto would have to be said about it.

Dodge Ram 1500 – 6 Seats?

In recent years Dodge has added an adequately powered V6 to compete with Ford’s EcoBoost engines. Professional reviews all point to this being a solid performing powerplant, especially since Dodge replaced the antiquated 4-speed transmission with an eight-speed. You can still opt for the Hemi V8 as well. No matter which engine you opt for, elbow room is at a premium. This is a great four-five passenger vehicle, but struggles to seat six, despite Dodge’s claims otherwise.

Given our definition of a truck, the only one that seems up to the task of seating six passengers seems to be the Nissan Titan. These are trucks that offer a comfortable ride and as well as a solid towing capacity. Fuel economy is horrendous, but that is to be expected from a full-sized pick-up, no matter who makes it. If you’re a budget-conscious buyer (and who isn’t?), you might want to take a look at our picks of the best used pickups under $15,000.


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