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Best Selling Cars of All Time

The Corolla -- the Best-Selling Car of All-Time!

Though popularity does not necessarily equate quality (just look at the Beatles, they sold tons of records containing little more than teen pabulum), there is no denying that carmakers need to move units.

So, there is a certain cache to selling cars, lots of cars. We looked into the matter to identify the best selling cars of all time, and this is what we found:

The tenth best-selling car of all time is the Chevrolet Impala, which has sold more than 14 million cars since it was first offered way back in 1958. The ninth car on the list, the Volkswagen Passat, has sold 15.5 million cars since 1973.

The eighth car on the best-selling car on the list is a bit of a surprise since there were not that many cars being sold back when it was on the market. The Ford Model T, first offered in 1908, has sold 16.5 million units.

The lackluster, yet loyal Honda Accord is seventh on the list. Since 1976, it has sold 17.5 million cars. The Honda Civic, having sold 18.5 million cars in 40 years, holds the sixth spot. The Ford Escort, at five, moved more than 18 million units from 1968 to 2000.

Since it was first introduced in 1938, the Volkswagen Beetle has sold a staggering 23.5 million Bugs. It is the fourth best-selling car of all time. Shocking me, the Volkswagen Golf is the third car on the list having moved 27.5 cars since 1974. How can the Golf be more popular than the Beetle?

Meanwhile, of no surprise to anyone is the Ford F-Series spot at number 2. This pickup has sold 35 million trucks since it debuted in 1948.

The top-selling car of all time, the Toyota Corolla, should have surprised few. The Japanese carmaker has sold about 37.5 million Corollas in close to 50 years.


About the author: Andrew Greene


Now playing the role of grumpy old man in the foothills of Northern California’s Gold Country, Andrew has had a life-long love affair with vehicles of all sorts, from the bicycle he pedaled across the continent in 1991 to the armored personnel carriers he drove in the Army to the bamboo rafts, elephants, motorcycle taxis, ferries and buses he traveled by during the 13 years he lived and worked in South East Asia. Always eager to learn more about how the people of the world get from here to there in their day-today lives, he, a professional journalist, has been covering the vehicle industry for years.


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