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Elvis Car

On a cold day in January a man began an extremely nerve-racking drive through a snowstorm. He was transporting a 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III to an auto shop to be restored. The reason that the the drive was so tense was because this particular car belonged to Elvis Presley. It was one of the few cars in his collection that he didn’t let anyone in his entourage drive. It was also the last car he had been seen driving in just hours before his death. A persistent fan waited eagerly outside of Graceland and snapped a picture of the famous singer and actor just after midnight. It would be the last time his picture would be taken. The historic car was recently fired up for the first time in 36 years, following an intensive 3-month restoration in North Carolina, and will be displayed for the public at Graceland’s automotive museum. Not only does this car still have some Elvis Presley still inside, it also had several technical problems that kept the trunk locked and unopened since the untimely death of the king of rock and roll.

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