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Smart Car Tipping

In more rural parts of the country, cow-tipping is a long and honored pastime. It involves pushing over cows while they’re asleep standing up. But what are you to do if you’re born in a city like San Francisco, without such charming nocturnal pursuits?

Well, the answer appears to be:  car-tipping. In San Francisco, a new prank has emerged in which vandals will tip Smart Cars over on their sides, leaving owners helpless and late for work. The prank was discovered the morning of April 7th, when commuters came out to leave for work, only to find their Smart Cars on their sides. A small group of vandals working after dark can easily ruin someone’s morning the next day, since a Smart Car weighs only about 1,800 pounds. Witnesses said that it only took six to eight pranksters to tip one of these cars. These pranks may be new to San Francisco, but they began in Europe in 2009, when Dutch pranksters would put the cars in the Amsterdam canal. A person who owns a Smart Car may be advised to install a motion sensor alarm to prevent these senseless pranks from happening.

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