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Buy Car End of Month

In some instances, yes it is better to buy a car at the end of the month, but in others it isn’t. Here are the determining factors.

End of Month Dealer Incentives

Most dealerships offer incentives for their sales staff if they meet certain quotas. Those incentives increase as sales volume increases. So, if the end of the month is approaching and a sales person is close to the next level of incentives, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Additionally, automakers will occasionally increase their incentive programs near the end of the month to clear inventory. In these respects, yes it is better to buy a car at the end of the month. You may end up with a lower price or interest rate than you would earlier in the month, and sales staff could be more motivated to get you out the door without as much haggling.

Personal/Payment Considerations

The main reason to buy at another time of the month is personal. When are you best able to afford the payment? Your first payment will be due approximately 30 days after you obtain a loan, so buying a car at the time of the month that you want the payment to hit should be a big factor that you keep in mind when buying a car. If you get paid mid-month, this may be a better time for you, as it’s always easier to pay the bills when your account is flush. A lot of people fail to take time of the month into consideration from this perspective, and do themselves a disservice in the process. If you are paying cash–not leasing or financing–then end of the month (EOM) is probably your best bet as far as price and incentives.


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