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gas guzzlerWhat’s the most fuel-efficient speed to drive on the highway? And will driving more slowly really save you money? If so, how much?

Yes, we all know that slow and steady driving saves fuel and therefore dollars. But, we don’t really know just how much the steady slow approach will save us, do we? Thankfully, Consumer Reports has finally looked into to the matter by driving three versions of the Ford Fusion, the Pope’s favorite car, a Toyota RAV4, no one favorite’s car, and a Honda Accord, my grandmother’s favorite car, at a steady 55, 65, and 75 miles per hour.

CR found that increasing the speed of these cars from 55 to 75 mph results in a drop in fuel efficiency of 27 to 32 percent. The Toyota RAV4, Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion 1.6 4-cylinder all experienced a drop in their mileage ratings of 27 percent, while the Honda Accord LX 4-cylinder dropped by 29% and the Ford Fusion Titanium 2.0 4-cylinder dropped a wallet-busting 32 percent. CR reports that over a 200-mile trip, a driver could end up using up to two additional gallons to drive 75 mph rather than 55 mph. At current gas prices, that’s about $3.50 per 100 miles, or at 55 mph, about $2.00 an hour of highway cruising.


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