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Don Garlits, aka “Big Daddy,” is no stranger to records. He is the first man to hit 200 mph in a dragster and is also known as the father of drag racing. He is now going for a second attempt at the record some 50 years later, but this time in a new electric dragster named Swamp Rat 37. This car took over two years to be completed, as in 2012 the team could not raise much more than five thousand dollars to build it. The chassis construction was built by a world class builder named Brad Hadman. The old electric drag record of 159.85 mph was set in 2007 by an electric dragster by the name of Current Eliminator V, meaning that this new attempt will beat the old electric dragster record by over 41 mph. Even though this number doesn’t seem all that impressive by today’s ICE standards, it is still an impressive feat by any means in terms of cars running on electrical power.

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