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Audi Laserlights

Audi changed the exotic super-car game in 2006 when they manufactured the sleek Audi R8. The Audi R8 is known for its quiet engine when the car is being driven and gorgeous headlights unlike any other exotic car, making this vehicle even more distinct. Recently there have been a few additions to the limited edition Audi R8 LMX, including the LED high-beam headlights. These new headlights feature an innovative technological advancement in laserlights, known as Laserlicht in German. While the R8 LMX is on the road, a small laser module in each headlight changes into a white light which in the end travels via a beam with a distance of 1,640 feet. This allows for further sight when traveling on unfamiliar highways with very few road signs.

Audi Laserlicht

The other addition to the R8 LMX is an engine roaring with 570 horsepower. This is an improvement from the R8 produced in 2013, which had 560 horsepower in its engine. Being a limited edition race car, it is easy on the eyes, with a sultry paint color known as Ara Blue, unique wheels and a luxurious black leather interior. Audi will begin its delivery of the R8 LMX in summer 2014. Those who place the order must be ready to hand over 210,000 euros. Unfortunately, it will not be available in the United States due to the R8’s turn signal and Matrix Beam lights. Have fun and drive responsibly with the power of Superman at your fingertips!



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