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Atom 3.5R

Looking to go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds? How about hitting 100 in 6 seconds? All that and more is possible thanks to the Atom 3.5R from Ariel. A leap forward in engine design has culminated in a raging 11psi of boost, up from a measly 7.5, and an output of 350 bhp, surpassing the previous 310 bhp. Come mid-summer, if you have £54,000 (and up), you can get your hands on this incredible road rocket. The Atom boasts a new Sadev six-speed sequential ‘box that allows for lightning fast gear shifts with no appreciable loss of power (with sub-40 ms upshifts and sub-50 ms downshifts). The car also has Öhlins TTX dampers featuring outside-the-box in-line internal reservoirs, built exclusively for the company, which allow you to choose from three different suspension set-ups (road, track or race). This car is built to make you drool, from the awesome internal specs to the futuristic exterior.



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