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The Expendables Stallone's Truck

West Coast Customs built three custom 1955 Ford F100 pickups to be used by Sylvester Stallone in the movie The Expendables. Two of these trucks were used during filming and the third is still in Stallone’s personal collection.

Ford F100

The F100 was introduced in 1953 and was part of the second generation of the F-series. The name was derived from the F-100 Sabre, the first supersonic fighter plane. The F100 was a ½ ton truck that featured two engines: the 223 cid V6 or the 239 cid V8. Late in 1955, Ford introduced the 272 cid and the 292 cid for the 1956 model year. Along with the improved engines, the second-gen trucks were larger and Ford had vastly improved the suspension system.

In the Movie

West Coast Customs was given the task of creating a hard-charging soldier of a truck to get Sly from place to place during the film. Nothing standard would do, so West Coast was given full autonomy.

To begin with, the flat-black truck was lowered using Heidts performance suspension products then dropped onto 20/22-inch Asanti five-spokes. Now, you wouldn’t want Stallone to lose his targets during a pursuit, so a hi-po 302 ci was stroked hard to create a 347, then the fellows went crazy with a slew of Edelbrock products that would make your head spin. Since the engine was out anyway, West Coast tossed a set of Sanderson headers on it. The headers were followed by a Gibson exhaust system, after all, a truck has to sound as mean as it looks.

When Sly catches whoever he needs to run down, he needs a little bit of firepower, so two hidden compartments were built. During the movie, you will see a spot under the center of the dash that holds a 1911 .45 pistol. At the rear of the center console another compartment houses a sweet little MP9 submachine gun. You know, just to keep the peace. In addition to the gun compartments, the interior is done-up very well. Customizations include: AutoLoc gauges, Cerullo seats, a Flaming River steering wheel, a Gennie ‘Commander’ shifter, ‘Orbit’ knob, and the dash was painted to match the flat-black exterior.

As for the exterior, the team at West Coast went buck-wild. The three inch chop was just a starter. All new body panels, bumpers, taillights, door handles, and roll pan were ordered. The grille was given Merc teeth to finish off the predatory look of the truck, recalling Sly’s Mercury from Cobra. Can you imagine the traffic jam that this truck must create wherever it goes? It actually sold in a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2011 for $132,000.


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