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Deltawing, the technology company whose radical-looking racer we saw at Le Mans last year, has been developing a new and exciting exotic concept car. Defined by its distinctive Deltawing shape–massive rear side fenders and narrow front side fenders–the car is definitely unique to the eye.

The DeltaWing company is currently trying to sign with a larger company in order to get prototypes produced and begin production of street legal vehicles in the future. With the car’s light and aerodynamic design, coupled with an 85-100 horsepower engine, it should be capable of Prius-beating gas mileage–a whopping 70 miles per gallon. Overall, a fuel efficient, exotic performance, unique looks, and room for 4 passengers…sounds like it could be a winner, though we should probably ask ourselves:  when was the last time a radically-new chassis design made it into mass production?  If you can think of one, let us know!

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