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In an age where trucks have grown substantially larger, the small FJ45 pickup is a hot commodity at car events and high-profile auctions like Barrett-Jackson. These trucks have gained “iconic” status seemingly overnight, to the point where an all-original FJ45 can bring as much money as a recognizable classic muscle car.

Here are a handful of the coolest FJ45’s on eBay right now, along with some notes about the vehicle.

What’s The Deal With Old FJ45’s, Anyway?

What is the hubbub about the FJ45? Simple. It reminds people of an age where a pickup was easy to drive, easy to fix, and rugged as hell. First offered in 1963, the FJ45 was basically an FJ40 with a stretched wheelbase and a pickup bed. While the FJ45 is small compared to today’s “compact” trucks, it’s arguably tougher and without a doubt more versatile.

As far as buyer’s interest, some view these vehicles as highly collectible and pay a premium for an all-original example. Others (perhaps the majority of buyers) are drawn to the FJ45 as a real-world vehicle for daily use. They’re tough, easy to work on, and easily modified, which makes them a credible option for anyone considering a used truck.

Whether you’re looking to do a full restoration, want a small work truck, or are planing a serious modification, here are 3 interesting examples to consider.

Simple, Clean 1975 FJ45 Diesel

1975 FJ45

This fully restored 1975 FJ45 is super clean AND it has a diesel engine to boot!

These days, diesel-powered trucks are a hot topic. The belief is the diesel engine is really better suited for trucks with its low-end torque benefits and superior fuel economy. Of course, these beliefs are based on the diesel pickups of old like this 1975 FJ45.

This particular truck is a ground-up restoration that is also fully convertible! It has the rare full Safari Panels that turns the truck into a throw-back army rig. With the top off and the doors on, it is easy to imagine this FJ patrolling a battlefield.

Powering the FJ is a 6-cyl diesel engine mated to a “four on the floor” manual transmission. Every inch of this truck has been restored and it simply shines in the photos.

With a price of $23,500 (as of this writing), it is great buy.

Click here for the eBay listing.

Project Truck – 1964 FJ45 with Removable Top

This project truck may not look like much, but it has the potential to be a really great FJ45.

This project truck may not look like much, but it has the potential to be a really great FJ45.

Let’s say you love the truck above, but don’t want to pay the money for it or you want to do it yourself. Well, you are in luck. There is currently a 1964 FJ45 project truck ready for just that. At only $202, it is stripped down and ready for some TLC.

According to the owner, this truck has been sitting for 20 years before it was rescued. While the owner may have rescued it from further decay, don’t be fooled, this truck is in rough shape. Not only is the wiring decayed, it was used heavily as a ranch truck and has the dents/rust to prove it.

However, if you are looking for a cheap project truck to get started, this is a steal at only $200+. Just keep in mind, it is not running and will take thousands to get back into operational condition.

Click here for the eBay listing.

1984 FJ45 “Troopy”

1984 Troopy

A built in camper? Yep, this truck is ready for the path less traveled.

One of the cool things about FJ45s is the variety of different and unique models that were offered. Case in point is this FJ45 “Troopy.”

The Troopy comes from Australia and was built for the outback. It is basically a FJ45 truck with a built-in RV topper. Basically, the roof on the rear has a pop top tent. Simply unlatch the latches, push it up and there is an upper floor with a 4” foam mattress. The sides are canvas with screen windows that zip up. It was designed to be driven to some exotic location carrying all the supplies you need. It also has a dual-battery setup for charging your electronic supplies and insurance against a dead battery.

Imagine going for a long-term expedition just like they did in old movies. These types of vehicles are found at expedition retailers for thousands more. Here is your chance to get the original for only $13,900.

Click here for the eBay listing.

These trucks are just a quick sampling of what’s out there on eBay. There are many new trucks coming to the market each day.

Which one is your favorite?


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