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BMW Gina Light Visionary

The BMW GINA Light Visionary Model, designed by Christopher Bangle, is considered a contemporary concept that displays extremely futuristic characteristics, while offering the flexibility and customization that consumers demand.

The GINA (Geometry and functions In “N” Adaptations – the “N” represents the mathematical symbol for infinity) embodies a philosophy that gives designers more freedom so that they can consider the immediate needs of their consumers. The combination can often create dramatic new styling and function. Using flexible tensile fabric stretched over a moveable aluminum/carbon fiber frame, the GINA’s shape can be changed at will. The innovative fabric consists of two layers: an under layer of wire mesh and an outer layer of polyurethane-coated Lycra. The Lycra outer layer is able to resist  water, heat, and cold. The headlights can be exposed, but the taillights need to shine through the fabric. One goal of the fiber was to reduce retooling costs so that more frequent design changes could take place.

The exterior is not the only flexible aspect of the GINA. The interior of the car will automatically adjust to each driver’s settings. The seats, console, headrest, and steering wheel would assume their set positions when the driver entered their id into the system.


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