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In 2010 Porsche Design Studio’s Michael Mauer led the design of the Porsche 918 Spyder Concept. The driving force behind the development of the 918 Spyder was to understand how the Porsche brand could meet growing consumer interest in green technology, environmental impact, and high performance.

The design of the 918 combines high-tech racing features with an electric drive that is selected with a push-button control mounted on the steering wheel. The 918 offers four driving modes: E-Drive, Hybrid, Sport Hybrid, and Race Hybrid. The four modes cover the full range of a drivers performance needs. E-drive is an all electric gas saving, low performance mode, mainly for city driving, while Race Hybrid offers the full performance drivers expect from a Porsche.

The 918 is making it into full production as a limited edition supercar, with just 918 slated for production in the 2014 model year. Additionally, the concept itself has been recently placed on the market for sale. Perhaps you can personally verify all four performance modes!


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