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ComSonics-Texting-DetecterWith some exciting new technology, police may soon have a new way to catch drivers who text while driving. The device, a sort of radar-gun, will use technology not unlike what cable repairman use to seek out damaged lines. It will detect the radio waves associated with active cell phones, and identify any frequencies accompanying text messages. This way, there is no risk of accidentally being flagged while using your Bluetooth or receiving information, if those things are legal in your state. Although many people dislike seeing cops using their radar guns, many have agreed that a device like this would be a very helpful thing and would be excellent for helping to ensure safety on the road. Still, there are some people who worry about the potential for errors involved. The device is nearing production by a company called ComSonics, so time will tell if this new invention is going to make a positive impact on driver safety.

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