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The Silvermine 11SR is a track car from the Netherlands. An engineer named Frank van Rouendal created it, starting with the chassis. He commissioned Marco and Andries van Overbeeke to design the bodywork. This is different from the usual “start with the exterior” design route. While most track cars adopt contemporary lines and looks, the exterior designers decided to go with a classic look from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

There is a longitudinally mounted 3.0 liter boxer from Subaru with 325 hp underneath the classical looking bodywork with a six-speed sequential gearbox, a limited slip differential and 17 inch alloys. This version is limited to track use only but there will also be a 225 hp street version offered with a five-speed synchromesh gearbox and 16-inch wheels.

Deliveries are said to start early next year. The chassis will each be individually numbered and they take about six months to complete.

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