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Rise of the Turbos

With the recent Paris Motor Show underway, there are dozens of reveals that would have any motor junkie reeling with joy. Several turbocharged additions are making their way to the US market which is actually the second fastest growing market for turbochargers in the world. The improvements in technology have allowed turbochargers to become more efficient while simultaneously becoming less costly. In fact, within the next 5 years, nearly 40% of vehicles in America are expected to be turbocharged. Senior director for long-range planning at IHS Automotive, Philip Gott, says that the ability to integrate them into all types of engines mean turbochargers represent a chance for global growth. The market for turbochargers is expected to become a $12 billion annual market by 2019 and competitors scrambling for a piece of the action is resulting in higher and higher quality designs. The trend is set to stay in motion and the players are in place to continue optimizing the performance and mileage of vehicles with turbochargers for the next decade at least.

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