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Think about your daily driving experience—whether it be to work, school, the store, whatever. Would you say that the daily drive you experience is the same as it was two years ago? Five years ago? Are there more or less cars on the road? Many people typically think that on average, Americans are driving less than they used to. However, according to The Detroit News, American drivers on average are actually set to drive more than 3 trillion miles for what will only be the second time in history, the first being in 2007. In November 2014, drivers drove an increase of 2.5 billion miles compared to November 2013. That’s an increase of about 1.1 percent, but still a significant difference in the driving world. There are a number of reasons to be attributed for this increase—lower gas prices, more cars on the road, milder winters, etc. In southern states where the climate is warmer, people are more likely to drive. Presently, there are around 253 million cars on American roads. This is such a large number, especially when compared to the 184 million cars on the road in 1994.

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