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Turkmenistan currently has a functional ban on the importation of black vehicles, though not by official edict. The current Turkmen President for life Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov replaced his black state limousine with a white one, and commanded 160 top-level government and media officials follow suit. While the dictator has not decreed a ban on black cars, private importers have said they are having trouble getting black cars through customs this month. It may be that loyal apparatchiks are working hard to be please Berdimuhamedov, refusing to inspect and clear black cars, and recommending importers transition to white cars because they are ‘lucky’. Official state cars are not the only thing going white. The Turkmeni government has spent over $10 billion transforming the city of Ashgabat into ‘The City of White Marble’. Both the current and the previous administration are known for capricious edicts in this country not so long ago named “Weirdistan” by a Western embassy official.

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