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Take one Nissan Juke (cute, well outfitted versatile vehicle), slap on a couple of snow treads, reprogram the drive system and you’ve got a ride to take you where no man has gone before. A little out there, a little Star Wars fantasy vehicle, but the Finnish ice-driving academy has gotten itself a chase car that can do sixty miles per hour on the ice flats. The outfit, American Track Truck, was commissioned by the academy to outfit a Juke Nismo RS with its Dominator Track System and now we’ve got something that has yet to be proven on the first ever Run Round All the Great Lakes Race (I mean why not?). Right now it’s gone beyond a prototype and is a one of a kind, working, coolest of the cool enclosed climate controlled snowmobile, but there’s a market out there for this kind of thing, right? I’m saving up my Euros to take the ice driving course (maybe get a discount on my insurance in the process) and convince them to let me test their Juke out at full throttle. Nissan, take this idea and run with it I say.

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