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For a good look and some specs and no less than a bevy of pics of Ford’s latest iteration of their model GT supercar, see the article at by Jeremy Korzeniewski. The car, decked out in liquid silver with fat gray racing stripes, is shown from all angles in both video and still caps that give the reader a front-row seat to this well made machine.

From it’s 600-plus horse mid-mount V-6 engine that drives those black tinted alloy racing wheels, the carbon fiber monocoque body and panels, to the dual-clutch seven speed, the car garners a lot of attention from enthusiasts all over the world.

The GT is slated to be produced in the plant in Markham, Ontario, Canada according to Korzeniewski’s sources for the 2017 model shown in the article. The car is likely to be entered into high-end endurance racing competitions as was its ancestor the GT40.

There are a number of pics of the car in several color schemes, an you can view it in HD at the link as well. Enjoy!

Read the full article here:


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