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When you are in the market for a new car, there are dozens of factors to be considered: performance, fuel economy, safety, reliability, price, and cost of ownership among others. One way to narrow your search is to eliminate vehicles that are obvious poor choices. To that end, we have built a list of 2015 vehicles that any sane person will want to avoid if at all possible.

Fiat 500L

2015-fiat-500lThe Fiat 500L is the least reliable new car available. For perspective, the 500L has 16 times the number of issues as the Scion xB, which is one of the most reliable vehicles available today. Add to that the uncomfortable ride, marginal fuel economy, and an average sticker price of just under $22,000 and you can see that the 500L is generally a disappointing waste of money.

Jeep Compass

2015-jeep-compassThe Jeep Compass has the worst customer satisfaction rating in America. A scant forty percent of current owners say they will buy another Compass, perhaps not even a Jeep of any kind. What are the issues? The complaints include: a lack of comfort, poor fuel economy(just 22mpg combined), disappointing drive experience, cheap or a lack of features, and non-existent cargo space. As if that isn’t enough to discourage you from buying a Compass, you can add these other complaints: excessive engine noise, poor acceleration, low rear visibility, sad cornering, poor braking, and low reliability. FiatChrysler really fouled up with this model.

Mitsubishi Mirage

2015-mitsubishi-mirageSmallish, gas savers are all the rage. So, it stands to reason that Mitsubishi would get into the niche. What doesn’t stand to reason is that the automaker would put so little effort into their entry. The Mirage lacks acceleration, handles like total crap, engine noise is deafening, underperformed in crash tests, and looks cheap as all get out. The one redeeming factor it offers is 37 mpg on the highway. Unfortunately for Mitsubishi, nearly every other automaker offers the same fuel economy in vehicles that are more comfortable to drive.

Volkswagen Passat

2015-volkswagen-passatThis rant is aimed directly at the V6 Passat. The Passat has quite a bit going for it: generous interior space, responsive handling, a quiet ride, and a decent 3.6L V6. On the downside, the V6 Passat is the most expensive midsized sedan to own. When you factor in depreciation, interest, insurance, sales tax, fuel, maintenance, and average repairs it costs just under $45,000 during the first five years of ownership. If that isn’t a clear incentive to look beyond the sticker to determine if you can afford a vehicle or not, nothing ever will be.

2015 Trucks and SUVs Not to Buy

Do you want a truck or SUV? Let’s have a look at the worst of each.

Toyota Tacoma

If you are going to spend all of your time off-road or towing something, then the Tacoma is an acceptable truck. Just acceptable. If you think you may spend some time driving it to work or around town, then the Tacoma is possible the worst truck in existence. Phrases like clumsy handling, step-in too high, small backseat, very rough ride, cheap feeling interior, and priced similar to full-sized trucks are commonly used when describing a Tacoma. Maybe the scheduled redesign for the 2016 model will take care of some of these issues.


Jeep performed so badly that it has four of the worst SUVs on the market to day: the Patriot, the Cherokee V6, the Compass, and the Cherokee 4 cylinder. The issues include poor acceleration, low fuel economy, low reliability, excessive engine noise, and uncomfortable ride. There are more issues to list, but you get the general idea. FiatChrysler has so many poor quality models that it is hard to image buying any vehicle the company produces. At least the Dodge brand hasn’t been destroyed…yet.

We hope that this list helps you find the right car. If you would like to add to our list or argue a point, please hit us up in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.


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Jerry Coffey is the financial expert here at A recovered "debtaholic," he now preaches frugal-living and sound money management here and at, where he is the chief contributor. He works for a major automaker.


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