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Fans of the James Bond series are eagerly awaiting the next film in the franchise, Spectre. You’ll be pretty excited yourself, once you see the video detailing some of the sports cars featured in the movie. First there’s James Bond’s personally crafted vehicle: the Aston Martin DB10. Apparently, the filmmakers have EIGHT of them for use in the movie.

Other characters in Spectre will have their own stellar rides, including a bright orange Jaguar C-X75. The video hints that the orange Jaguar C-X75 will be driven by James Bond’s enemy, the supervillain, Mr. Hinx. The video includes scenes that show a heated car chase in Rome between the C-X75 and James’ DB10. The car chase will include these supercars sliding in between parked cars and historical architecture, like they are dancing in a ballet, slipping and sliding as if the streets of Rome were coated in olive oil. The car chase, taking place at night in downtown Rome (between two of the fastest existing cars today), is shaping up to be possibly one of the best car chase scenes in cinema.

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