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porsche-911-hybridInternational automobile icon, Porsche, looks as those it could be introducing the famous 911 into its hybrid lineup. While speculation isn’t confirmed as of now, it looks like the decision will come later this year.

While Porsche already has a multitude of automobiles in the hybrid lineup, the introduction of the 911 will, without a doubt, help to advance the hybrid industry in a big way. With the addition of a sports car such as the 911, car makers will likely piggy-back off of this move, introducing their own hybrid versions of top-level sports cars in order to compete with the 911 hybrid.

While Porsche has plenty of familiarity with hybrid automobiles, introducing something so vaunted as the 911 will prove to be a difficult task, with possible backlash from purists. Either way, it will be an exciting year to say the least at Porsche.

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