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Brabus, the well known Mercedes modifier, has added more power to the car some call “the world’s best car,” the Mercedes S-500 Plug-in Hybrid. Their version, which they call the B50 Hybid, has modified the 3 liter The V6 turbo engine and has picked up 51bhp and 52 lbs of torque while leaving the electric motor in the vehicle untouched.

Babus calls this an “even more superior driving sensation.” In addition to the driving tweaks, there are familiar Brabus styling flourishes where, for instance, you can cram alloys of up to 22 inches into the arches while the aerodynamic addenda have all been tested in wind tunnels. The car still goes from 0-62 mph in 4.9 seconds and its top speed is 155 mph, which is electronically set by the hybrid petrol-electric combination.

This has led to our calling these modifications a virtual “future proofing” of the car.

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