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Fast cars and beautiful women seem to go hand in hand in action packed films with car racing and non-stop entertainment. When considering the history of this occurrence, movies like fast and furious come to mind. One film from the fast and furious franchise stands out the most: Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. There were a number of popular cars in the film and plenty of beautiful Asian women that helped to promote these brands. Not surprisingly, most of the cars were Japanese brands most commonly used in drifting competitions: Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX-7/Mazda RX-8, and the Toyota Chaser.

The character Neela played by Nathalie Kelley drove the blue Mazda RX-8 while the character Han drove the orange and black Mazda RX-7. The body kit was designed by Veilside, a brand that regularly uses Asian models to promote their brands. Verena Mei is another actress in the film who was not just known for her beauty but also for her skills as a drifter who has participated in a number of drifting competitions. Both Verena Mei and Aiko Tanaka were models before pursuing roles in the film.

The work that was done to enhance the performance of some of the vehicles in the film makes them the perfect drifting machines including the tire upgrades and exterior design changes. It isn’t uncommon for drifters to drive cars with tires that were made to make it easier for the car to glide on two wheels. With a design that makes it easy to break traction and durable long lasting material that the tires are made up of to prevent the rapid destruction the continuous pressure the sport puts on the wheels, the Proxes R1R T-Drift Tire is one of the best tires for drifters. So much work is done to the outside of the vehicles that viewers may find themselves paying more attention to the models of the cars than the work put into upgrading and maintaining the front and rear tires of these drifting machines.

Nonetheless, the biggest distraction for many may have been the girls in the film that were attracted to fast cars and the sport of drifting. Many viewers undoubtedly wondered how these stars kept up their physique. Diet, exercise, and some of their own weight-loss products and tricks is usually the answer. Still, even without knowing some of their secrets trying out different diet plans such as those from weight watchers may get you on the right path toward reaching weight goals that make you feel just as confident in your own skin. Savings from groupon coupons can help you achieve the look you want for a price that works.


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