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Do you consider yourself a true Batman fan? How do you stack up against an Arizona man who recently spent $4.2 million for a Batmobile driven in the original television series? Rick Champagne was able to come away from a recent auction the proud owner of the iconic two-seater. The car had been featured in the series that ran from 1966 to 1968 and starred Adam West and Burt Ward. Champagne told the news agency, Reuters in a brief interview that buying the car ”…was a dream come true.” the car was sold during the equally iconic Barrett-Jackson auto auction.

The Batmobile was built on a 1955 Lincoln Futura. The Futura was a concept car built in Italy by Ford Motor Co. The car had a V-8 engine and instruments in the steering wheel. Another innovation that the Futura featured was a push-button transmission. Noted customizer George Barris purchased the concept car for a buck in 1965. He had fifteen days and $15,000 to create his vision of the Batmobile. Barris has retained ownership of this car from build until this auction. Mr. Barris said; ”With every pow, bang, wow, wee, I wanted the car to do something just like the actors. The car had to be a star on its own. And it became one.”

It is nearly impossible to remember the Batman series without reflecting upon the Bat gadgets. The Batmobile is best known for a car phone and its ability to foil pursuing villains with oil slicks, smoke, and a trails of nails. Then there was the awesome twin rear parachutes to help with the quick Bat turns.


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