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The North American International Auto Show always features innovations and options that are designed to be breath-taking for even the most jaded of spectators. This year was no exception. Gull-wing doors, backseat wine chillers were among the features that awaited visitors and reporters alike.. Here are five concept cars that were on display this year

Tesla Model X

The Model X is actually a prototype of a vehicle that Tesla will be producing next year. The vehicle will feature an all electric power plant, batteries that are built into the floor of the vehicle, ”falcon wing” rear doors, and iPad on steroids dashboard screen.

Hyundai HCD-14

The HCD-14 is a concept that may be part premonition. The concept is a bigger, sleeker version of the acclaimed Genesis. The Genesis and the Sonata have been pulling more and more drivers in the American market from BMW and Mercedes. The HCD-14 features eye-tracking technology to monitor a driver for drowsiness or distracted driving. Techies may be amazed by the motion sensing controls. With the wave of your hand, you can change the temperature and music volume.

Toyota Corolla Furia

At the show the Furia was simply an empty shell. The concept was meant to signal the aggressive new styling that Toyota is planning for the future of its Corolla. Toyota says that the ”ferocious” new styling should challenge the public to rethink its notions of the Corolla.

Lincoln MKC

The MKC is a venture into the compact utility vehicle market. It is very similar in size to the new Ford Escape crossover. The MKC eliminates the gear shifter, opting for a more interesting push-button feature. The concept also features a wine-chiller in the console between the rear bucket seats. Apparently, Lincoln doesn’t want to encourage the driver to drink, so the cooler is in the back.

Nissan Resonance

The Resonance is a signal indicating the direction of the next-gen Murano. The concept features a very aerodynamic exterior that can only be described as aggressive and feline. The Resonance has a hybrid drive train, that will most likely be an option only during production. Other features include the ”floating” glass roof and over-plush leather seats meant to give the feel of a VIP lounge while driving.

The North American International Auto Show always features outstanding concepts that are sure to tickle the imagination. This year was no exception. Hopefully, more than a few of the features on display will make their way into coming production models.


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