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Here we are at the corner of fast and low budget. It can be hard to find a vehicle that meets both of those standards. It gets even harder when you add in the desire that it be a turbocharged car. Low priced turbos are obviously going to have to be used since the new models average around $30,000. Here are five inexpensive turbocharged cars that are fun to drive.

Subaru WRX STI…the WRX has been impressing speed fans for many years. In order to find one under 10 grand, you may have to go back to the 2005 model, but that isn’t too disappointing. The ’05 has a standard 2.0L Boxer turbo that offers 265hp before being tinkered with. The sedan featured a spoiler and 17 inch wheels. The WRX is one of the most widely modified vehicles in North America, so there is a huge aftermarket to increase speed, reduce weight, and improve handling.

Volkwagen Golf GTI…the Golf GTI was a surprise speed entry when it made its way to the North American market decades ago. Enthusiasts now know it for its 2.0L turbo that produces 200 ponies. It is also known for its tight handling, which makes those ponies even more fun to run. You can get a 2010 for around $14K or keep your budget under $10,000 if you do not mind going back to 2008.

Mitsubishi Eclipse…the Eclipse has been inspiring a lead foot since 1992. Before that it was badged as the Plymouth Laser, the Eagle Talon, and the 3000GT. You have a wide range of model years to choose from to keep your budget under $10,000 with this vehicle. For the most fun, concentrate on the GS-T and GSX models. Both offer 210 hp from the 16-valve 4G63 engine.

Dodge Neon SRT4…yes, the Dodge Neon was one of the most under-powered crappers produced in quite a few years. To counter that image, Dodge thought it ought to add excessive power for the class along with a few other speed hungry mods. The resulting SRT4 can impress even the most jaded naysayer. The kicker is that you can find one for under 8K without having to worry that it will be too ragged out.

Nissan 300ZX…let’s kick it 90s style. In the 90s, the 300ZX came with a standard twin-turbo that offered 300 horses and could(and still can be) easily modified. The problem? Uninspiring style and body layout. If you take care, you can buy a 90s model for under 8K and have plenty of cash to add body mods once the engine is finished.

These five cars prove that you can combine inexpensive and fast if you are careful. This list is by no means comprehensive, though. If you add the possibility of station wagons(yes, I said station wagons. Talk about a sleeper.), small pick-ups, and compact SUVs there are literally dozens of options.

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