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Despite gas prices that are hovering around $3.30 a gallon, the SUV remains popular, albeit a bit smaller than when the Ford Expedition pushed the envelope between a truck and an aircraft carrier. With a new SUV carrying a sticker price above $40,000, it is no wonder that many people are looking for an affordable alternative. Despite looking for a bargain, you still deserve an SUV that will be reliable and safe. Here are a few to choose from.

Chevy Tahoe under $10,000

The first stop on the list is the best full-sized SUV on the market. The Tahoe is roomy, reliable, and very safe to drive. The main down side to the Tahoe is that it drives like a truck. That takes some getting used to. You can find a variety of 2004 and older models that will meet our price point.

Buick Ranier under $10,000

The Buick Ranier was a slow seller when it was new. For whatever reason it could not seem to compete with its better known counterpart the Chevy Trailblazer. The Ranier offers more luxury options and a more capable engine. JD Power praised its reliability as do past owners. You can find a nicely appointed 2004 Buick Ranier for under $10,000.

Honda Pilot under $10,000

The compact SUV is your best option when looking for an SUV under $10,000. The Honda Pilot tops the category in safety, fuel economy, and reliability. A quick search will show you plenty of results for 2006 and older Pilots under $9,500.

Ford Escape under $10,000

The Ford Escape began production as a 2001 model and has been selling like hotcakes since. The interior is roomy and the Escape offers enough cargo space for shopping or vacation. The standard 2.3L four-cylinder engine is peppy and reliable. The Escape is durable, with many examples being used as daily drivers past the 150,000 mile mark. You can find a 2008 Escape XLS for around $8,500. You can find a 2007 Escape Limited with 4WD and a 3.0L V6 for our price point, as well.

Scion xB under $10,000

This last entry is my personal favorite, for whatever that is worth. The 2008 Scion xB was produced with a standard 2.4L four-cylinder engine paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. While that is a reliable and peppy powertrain, you will enjoy an xB more if you look for an example with a five-speed manual instead. The 2008 also received 5-star safety ratings from the NHTSA. The cabin can easily seat four average sized passengers with cargo space for their luggage. The xB also offers the sort of fun, quirky styling that fits a young driver.

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