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If you are looking for a used full-sized truck under $10,000, you already expect to have to buy an older model, most likely with more than 100,000 miles on it. The same is not true if you are in the market for a light truck. Here are the best trucks in both categories.

Full-Sized Pickups

As you probably now, full-size trucks are capable of heavy loads and towing, and they come in ½-ton, ¾-ton, 1-ton, and now 1.5-ton sizes.


The F-150 has been king of the full-sized market for decades. With top billing comes perceived value and a higher price for all model years compared to other makes. You will need to shop for a 2004 or older in order to find an F-150 under $10,000–2002 if you want 4WD.

Chevy/GMC 1500

General Motors has been producing trucks since 1930. The Silverado and Sierra began as a trim levels, but have been models of their own for a few decades now. The two are lumped together since they have been virtual clones since their inception. As long as you look for a 2006 model or older, you will find a plethora of options to shop from.


Over the last ten years the Ram 1500 has resurfaced as a strong option within the full-sized market. No longer suffering from out-dated styling and a lack of power the Ram is especially popular when it is equipped with the 4.7L Hemi engine. You can find many options under ten grand if you stick to the 2004 or older models. If you want to add 4WD and a Hemi, you may need to look to 2002 and older versions.


The Nissan Titan offers plenty of elbow room and enough torque to tow just about anything you could hook to. It does suffer from poor fuel economy, though. Luckily, since you are shopping for a truck under $10,000, it tends to lose its value. With some careful shopping you can find a 2008 King Cab XE with fewer than 80,000 miles on it and come in under ten grand.

Light Trucks

Light trucks, as you may know, have maximum payloads of less than 4000 pounds. They don’t have the same towing and payload capacity of full-size trucks, but they are cheaper, lighter, and have better fuel economy.


Better known as a mid-size pickup, the Toyota Tacoma is renown for its high-mileage reliability and all-around durability. It is perhaps the best of the non-full-size trucks, and many can be had for less than $10,000.


In 2005 Ford discontinued the Ranger in the North American market. What a pity for light truck enthusiasts. You can still find many well equipped 2005 models for our price point.


The Dakota is Dodge’s offering in the light truck category. In 2005, the Dakota was re-tuned to offer a wider, longer truck. The Dakota also features many of the same engines as the Ram. Since they are in a lighter truck, they offer better fuel economy. You can find plenty of 2006 and older Dakotas for less than $9,000.


The Nissan Frontier is a great light truck option for many reasons. It is more than adequately powered and offers a roomy cab. The Frontier does fall short on bed space, though. Depending on the year, it often only has a 6 ft bed. The average price for a 2008 King Cab with a 6 ft. bed is around $9,500. So, if an 8 ft bed is not a priority, this may be the best option for you.

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