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Most often, we consumers purchase our cars and trucks via financing, as it makes the payments manageable. If you have great credit, this is a simple process. For people with unfavorable credit ratings, however, it can be complicated. Why wait to submit an application at the bank or dealer when you can apply right now through our site?

Let an auto finance expert help you obtain financing, answering your questions along the way.

Auto Loan Rates in Fayetteville

Down below you’ll find interest rates approximated at various credit scores. These are not to be perceived as advertisements. The rate you’re offered may deviate appreciably from what’s seen here.

Credit Rating New Car Used Car
Excellent 3.0% 3.3%
Good 4.3% 4.7%
Average 7.4% 8.4%
Subprime 12.4% 13.5%
Bad 19.1% 19.6%
Very Bad NA NA

Used Car Loans in Fayetteville

Options such as 0% finance and no down payment are available on new cars if you’ve got first-rate credit. Nevertheless, financing a pre-owned vehicle is a better value, given that the total price will be substantially less. Here, we look at the cost of a loan for a car that’s brand new versus a few years old.

Years Old Price APR Months Payment Interest Total Cost
New $30,250 6.00% 60 $584.82 $4,839 $35,089
1 Year $24,200 7.50% 60 $484.92 $4,895 $29,095
2 Years $20,570 7.50% 60 $412.18 $4,161 $24,731
3 Years $17,485 7.50% 60 $350.35 $3,537 $21,021

Many cars depreciate 15% each and every year, so you can obtain a low-mileage used car for thousands less than a brand new one. Loan providers charge higher interest rates for pre-owned cars, but in most situations, you only need 10% down, and the insurance premiums are less expensive.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Fayetteville

Getting an auto loan with less-than-perfect credit can be difficult, particularly if you don’t want to be charged an outrageous interest. Simply speaking, your credit score is used to gauge risk. Before the web, you pretty much forced to take whatever interest rate and conditions you were offered. Today, there are better ways to get financed.


Many individuals with credit problems find themselves at one of Fayetteville’s buy here pay here car lots. These sellers grant financing on-site, with no credit assessment. The disadvantages are appreciable: extravagant rates and arrays of stipulations.

As a general rule, it’s best to go to a regular bank or lender. The down payments are more affordable, as are the interest rates, and the service is far better.

Best of all, you can submit your application online.

Can a Car Loan Improve Your Credit?

A car loan can raise your credit, if it meets the following guidelines:

  • It isn’t supplied by a BHPH dealer.
  • The payments are made on time, month after month.

If you opt to work with a buy here pay here dealership, you simply won’t have this chance. Even though the actual increase in your credit score is difficult to calculate, the improvement is significant.

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